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CobraCast Podcast with Bobby Sharron

Dec 22, 2018

On this Episode... Nathan Olivarez from "DaveTV" was in the house on a Special Saturday Edition to Promote "DaveFest 4 At Kick Butt Café" on January 11th and 12th, 2019... Always great seeing Nathan and one of my favorite guests to have on... Support Local Austin Music... Much Love, Enjoy ;)

Dec 20, 2018

On this Episode... Smackola and D.J. Crash from the one and only "Dirty Wormz" were LIVE in the Studio for a great episode to say the least... The history of the Wormz, road stories and future plans for the band are just some of the topics covered in the episode... Much Love and Enjoy ;) 

Dec 18, 2018

On this Episode...  Yates Hagan, Gunter Woodson and Barry Casebeer from "The Big Gun Show" rolled into the Studio for a fun filled great Episode... Barry took the "Carolina Reaper Pepper Challenge" like a champ and a good time was had by all... Much Love, Enjoy ;)  

Dec 14, 2018

On this episode... Austin born and bred Singer/Songwriter Jessica Burrola was in the house... Just a laid night back night, just talking Austin music and future plans for 2019... Much Love, Enjoy ;)

Dec 12, 2018

On this Episode... Hope Finch, Antonio Ruiz and Stephanie Solton from Veteran Non Profit "ReGroup Foundation" and Singer/Songwriter and Veteran Shannon Book were in the house to talk all things "ReGroup Foundation" and to catch up on things... For more information on "RGF", go to … Much Love,...