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CobraCast Podcast with Bobby Sharron

Jul 29, 2019

On Part 3 of 3 of our LIVE Podcast... Josh Ross from "Black Heart Saints", Danny Garcia and Tony Park from "Three:33", C.V. Wood and John Lewis from "Preachers Of Hell County" and Austin Music Royalty Mark Proct were all on hand to fish out the last of 3 podcast segments of the day... Nothing but ball busting...

Jul 29, 2019

On Part 2... Kelly, Jace, Kody and Violet from the one and only "The Texas KGB" sat down for a short podcast before they hit the stage at Iron Wolf... Just a fun time with some great people, over shots of Iron Wolf and great vibes in the room... For more information on "The Texas KGB", go to

Jul 29, 2019

On Part 1... Lester, Glenda and Jordan, owners of "Iron Wolf Ranch and Distillery" sit down for a short podcast... They filled everyone in on the beginnings and the future of this great Ranch and Distillery... The whole event was Lester and Glenda's Birthday Party, so you know the Iron Wolf was flowing ha... For...

Jul 25, 2019

On this Episode… Comedian Tai Nguyen and all the way from the Las Vegas Strip, Comedian Freddy Correa... This one is all about comedy and comedians so strap yourself in… Much Love and Enjoy ;) 

Jul 18, 2019

On this Episode... Jason Rose, Charlotte Wise and Monica Gugalas were in the Studio to promote their event "3rd Annual Birth Ritual - A Celebration for Chris Cornell" at The Texas Mist on Saturday, July 20th... Much Love and Enjoy ;)