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CobraCast Podcast with Bobby Sharron

Jan 29, 2021

On this Episode... Misery, Rozar and HammerBlast from Austin's own "BRÜKA" were LIVE on their first Zoom Podcast for another great episode... The guys got me up to date on everything going on in the band plus we played all 3 songs from their current release... For more information on the band, please go to

Jan 23, 2021

On this Episode... Micah Paredes from local Austin, Texas band "Kyote Radio" was alive and well on the Zoom for a special Friday Night Episode... Micah and myself had a great conversation and also played their 2 latest singles "Waiting Around to Die" and "Fresno"... We also debuted a brand new unreleased song "Open...

Jan 19, 2021

On this Episode... The boys from Austin's own "AAerial": Ken Liao, Jeremy Gonzales, Carlos Perez and Roman Aridor were live on the Zoom for another fun filled Episode of the CobraCast... The guys got me caught up on everything going on with the band plus we played both of their recently released singles "Continual Flux"...

Jan 15, 2021

On this Episode... Since it was my birthday, I decided to do a Zoom Podcast and make it a "Free For All" Episode... Anybody that wanted to participate in the Episode was cordially welcomed to joined in.... Since Covid-19 is still running rampant, in Central Texas, we decided to do a Zoom hangout than risk our health...

Jan 12, 2021

On this Episode... Multi Instrumentalist Jon Dishongh from "DISHONgh" was LIVE on the Zoom for another great Episode... We had a great conversation about a ton of stuff and also played some snippets of songs off his upcoming album "Soundtrack For The Apocalypse"... For more information about Jon, please go to