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CobraCast Podcast with Bobby Sharron

Jun 21, 2018

On this Episode... Matt Looney, Martin Eugene Terry, Jeff Smith and Uncle Don from the Austin famous "Oklahomos" were live in the studio, doing what they do best... Tearing it up ha... Too much fun and tears of laughter were shared on this one along with some crude humor... Listen at your own risk, ha... Much Love,...

Jun 19, 2018

On this Episode... Guitarist Jelly Ellington and Patrick Davis from "512 Radio" stopped by the Studio to shake things up a bit... Also to  promote Jelly's show over at "One To One Bar" on Thursday, June 28th... I guess tonight's theme was "PROMOTE LIVE AUSTIN MUSIC"... Get out there and support people.... Much...

Jun 14, 2018

On this episode... My brothers from "Inch Of Dark"... Gary Hansen, Jerome Chwalek and Danny Garcia are Live in the Studio... Always love hanging out with these guys and getting caught up on everything in the world of "Inch Of Dark"... Too much fun was had on this one ha... Take care and Much Love, Enjoy ;)

Jun 12, 2018

On this episode, Tim Driscoll and Payton Holekamp from "Runescarred" are in the house, to promote their new E.P. "We Are", available on June 29th and their first show at Skunkfest 18' at Come And Take It Live on June 30th... For all things Runescarred go to ... Much love, enjoy :)

May 31, 2018

On this episode, Lauren Warner and Joe Osteen Jr from "The Dead Coats" and Gre Gorgio from "Wizard Prison" stopped by the Studio to promote "The Dead Coats" new album "TTDDDCC" dropping on June 1st... Much Love, Enjoy :)