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CobraCast Podcast with Bobby Sharron

Mar 2, 2021

On this Episode... Tyler Tracy and Scott Emanis from Houston's own "Wellborn Road" were Live on the Zoom for another great Episode... We played a song off their latest release "Resiliency" and played their latest video for the song "Incomplete"... "Wellborn Road" is a killer band, check them out when they are in your...

Feb 27, 2021

On this Episode... Jason McMaster and Stuart Lawrence from "IGNITOR" were LIVE on the Zoom for a special Friday night Episode of the CobraCast... We had a great conversation and we also played their 2 music videos from their latest album "The Golden Age Of Black Magick"... For more info on "IGNITOR", go to

Feb 23, 2021

On this Episode... The guys from "The DIZZY BANGERS"... Jimi Dharma, Richard Mendoza and Kyle Vanderhoof were Live on the Zoom for another fun filled Episode... We played a few of their newly released tracks plus debuted their brand new single "Quarantine" Live on the air... For more information on the band, please go...

Feb 13, 2021

On this Episode... Jason McMaster and "Metal Dave" Glessner from the brand new podcast "Talk Louder Podcast" were Live on the Zoom for a great Episode... We talked about their new podcast and had a super fun conversation... For information about how to listen or watch, please go to:


Feb 9, 2021

On this Episode... Matt Bray, John Montez and Ron Ronhaar were LIVE on the Zoom to promote their new cover song project "Social Rejects"... It was fun catching up with the guys about their new project plus play their brand new video "20th Century Boy"....The project and video were produced by "Room 611 Productions" and...