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CobraCast Podcast with Bobby Sharron

Apr 28, 2023

On this Episode... Matt Alvarez from "Sound Shed Studios" and Drew Teague from "Wrightsmith Studios" stopped by the CobraCast Studio for a very cool chat to say the least... If you're not familiar with their work, their companies are responsible for building some of the most epic and iconic Podcast Studios and spaces in the Austin, Texas area... If you have seen both of Joe Rogan's JRE Studios, Tom Segura's Studio complex and many others, these are the guys who designed and built them... Of course we chatted about those studios and with all 3 of us being musicians, we talked about the Austin music and podcast scenes... We could have easily done 3 or more hours on this episode, so who knows, there might be a Part 2 down the road... For more info on Sound Shed Studios, please go to and for more info on Wrightsmith Studios, please go to Much Love, Enjoy ;)

Sponsored by Iron Wolf Ranch and Distillery